Monday, May 6, 2019

Woj: Klay could consider Clippers, not Lakers

Something smells fishy..there have been an awful lot of “will consider the Clippers” talk going around the league lately with several players. The same can be said for the Knicks, but somehow that seems more realistic. I reluctantly could get behind Kawhi rumors to the Clippers as that seemed believable that he would want to be the number one player on his team, but now I think something is up. I’m not saying that no one this offseason goes to the Clippers, but there’s some spin going on here. Stay tuned!
"If they come with a five-year, $190 million max deal for Klay Thompson, that's done on July 1 — he's going into the new building with Steph Curry," Wojnarowski explained. "If they try to do anything less than that, you can expect Klay Thompson to be out in free agency. Watch not for the Lakers then, but the Clippers."

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