Monday, April 29, 2019

Other GMs don’t think Pelinka has what it takes

This seems to be a theme. I’ve read that Rob Pelinka hasn’t been fired due to his relationship with Kobe Bryant, read that he’s not well-liked around the league due to issues stemming back to how he handled Carlos Boozer’s exit from Cleveland, and I’ve read that many actually like him and that he’s really intelligent. 

Folks are all over the board with him, but the largest theme is that most don’t like him and think he’s in over his head. Also, I don’t believe Jeanie would keep him because of Kobe, I believe she would keep him because of HER OWN relationship/friendship with him. I personally don’t have loyalty to friends of my friends, you don’t either, so why would Jeanie?
It depends on whom you ask, but the vast majority of agents and executives polled by The Athletic have serious doubts. Pelinka has no shortage of detractors around the league, with the issues raised ranging from his trustworthiness to his communication style and relatability.
The Athletic

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