Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Pelicans chief Griffin believes Anthony Davis May stay

I take this with a grain of salt. These stories always come out when a team attempts to raise the trade value of a player who has asked for a trade. This is no different.
The new Pelicans chief said he planned to meet Davis soon to discuss his future, having already spoken to agent Rich Paul.
"We have a long and successful history with [agency] Klutch Sports. Rich Paul and I have spoken about Anthony," Griffin said. "We are both excited about what we could potentially build here."
Griffin worked with Paul and LeBron James during his team as Cleveland Cavaliers general manager and added: "Rich Paul and I were part of succeeding.
"They will understand when I say this: you are either all the way in or all the way out."
Davis had confirmed earlier this month that staying with the Pelicans was still a possibility but he would wait on the appointment of a new general manager.
He told ESPN: "I have a year left. Obviously it's a possibility it could happen. I don't have ill will towards anybody."

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