Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jeanie Buss didn’t want to give credence to the Doc Rivers rumors

I’d like to say this makes sense, and in any normal situation I believe it does. The problem the Lakers have right now is they aren’t controlling the perception people have of the organization.

As part of a swirl of rumors around the team’s offseason plans, a headline emerged asserting the Lakers were in pursuit of the Los Angeles Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers to replace their own Luke Walton, explained Lakers owner Jeanie Buss. Yet, according to her, the rumor held no truth. 

“The headline … was completely not true. It’s crazy,” Buss told Jeff Pearlman’s sports journalism class March 29.

...“There was nothing to that at all,” Buss said, with a shake of her head. “How are you supposed to respond to that? I mean, should you respond to it?”

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