Monday, March 25, 2019

Wade: ‘Can’t talk about LeBron missing playoffs’

Dwyane Wade is always going to come to the defense of LeBron, but he’s absolutely right about the Western Conference being tough.

I want to point out that the Lakers would likely not have kept up being the 4th seed in the West had LeBron not gotten injured. The winning percentage at that time was still comparable to low seeds in the playoffs in the West right now despite being in fourth at that time. We would have more than likely been playing the Warriors in the first round.
"LeBron's not a guy that is accustomed to losing and not making the playoffs," he said. "Obviously, man, those 18 games that he was out hurt with them, it's kind of a wash. You can't even really talk about him not making the playoffs, because of that. They was the fourth seed when he went out. It's unfortunate."
Wade said it's too tough for a team to overcome losing its best player: "Having a year out there in the Western Conference, it is tough. You can't miss time, you can't miss games like he missed. So hopefully, going forward, he doesn't have that."
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